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Photography & Videography
  • Large range of traditional photographic work – portraiture, architecture, archival, business headshots, commercial, pet
  • Video documentation for any events such as concerts, weddings, talks, community events and cultural events
  • Post-production of any photo or film material
  • Assistant camera and director work
  • Tracking acoustic, amplified, and digital instruments
  • Vocal recording
  • Text and interviews
  • Field recording
  • Film sound recording
  • Audio for arts and cultural events
Mixing & Mastering
  • Mixing any recorded sound material for artistic and commercial purposes. 
  • Postproduction sound editing
Live Sound
  • Live band or individual mixing
  • Recording talks, roundtables, and lectures
Audio Restoration
  • Restoring any work that requires cleaning and enhancing the audio quality, e.g. de-humming, de-essing, de-crackle, de-rustle, and equalising
Subtitling & Transcription
  • Subtitling for all video formats and deliveries including cinema, TV, and internet
  • Transcription services for captioning talks and other dialogue-based events needing documenting
Composition, Sound Design, Sound Effects & Dubbing
  • Sound design for the music, film, TV, theatre, installations, videogames, and any other real world and virtual space
  • Automated dialogue replacement (dubbing)
  • Sound effect creation for film, TV, and video games
Podcasts, Interviews & Audio Books
  • Recording, mixing and delivering files to be uploaded for social media.
Feedback & Mentorship
  • Providing one-to-one or group feedback and/or mentoring sessions to other artists to cultivate a productive and friendly dialogue, constructive criticism and idea sharing space
  • Conceptualising and leading workshops on sound, film, and photography