Instrument Builders Project 5 – Mona Foma 2021. Launceston, lutruwita/Tasmania

Mish Szekelyhidi

53 720 513 515

(+61) 0414 930 474

I work in Naarm and across so called Australia. This country has been forcibly taken which constitutes an occupation and land has never been ceded. I pay my respect to traditional custodians of the ancestral lands I live on, and to Elders – past, present and emerging – who were the first image and sound makers here, and continue to have an enormously rich artistic heritage that is to be cherished and celebrated.

I also acknowledge that I was not invited on this land, but came here to live, study and work with no official welcome. I hope to pay my respects to country through solidarity, paying the rent, respectful practices, and by attempting to dismantle systemic white supremacy when encountered. A percentage of earnings is donated to first nation organisations, causes, artists, patreons, communities. I encourage everyone to do the same.